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How to Create Painted Christmas Windows

Painted Christmas windows are a part of the Christmas tradition. Each year the storefronts and restaurants display gorgeous holiday scenes that bring back warm Christmas memories. Creating your own painted Christmas windows is not as difficult as it looks.

First you need to choose a design. For inspiration you can use Christmas cards, coloring books, or your memory. Once you have your design in mind you need to put it on a large piece of paper so that it is the size you want it to be when it is displayed on your window. Newspaper end rolls or butcher paper works well for this. Outline the design on the paper, you do not need to color it.

Next tape the paper to the inside of the window where you want the painted Christmas design. Hang it so the design faces outside and you can stand outside at the street and make sure this is how you wanted your design to look. If it is then you are ready to paint, after you have placed a drop cloth or newspaper on the ground under the window so you don’t accidentally paint the walk or your flower beds.

You can either use tempura paints or you can use the spray paints that are made for this type of job. Spray cans aren’t easy to paint with when you are doing a freehand design so you might want to create your painted Christmas windows with tempura paint and a brush.

You can use a cake pan with several empty yogurt cups to hold the paint that you are going to need. Only pour a small amount at a time, this way you will have all of your supplies close at hand and you won’t have to worry about spilling all of your white paint before your snowman is finished.

Start painting the background of the main color, or main item first. Then go to the next color that is used most and continue this way until you get to the tiny details. If you have any drips or mistakes let them be and allow them to dry before trying to fix them. This will save you a lot of work in the long run. You can easily scrape dry paint off with a razor blade and then touch up your painted Christmas windows.

Once you have the scene painted and colored in you can go back and outline the design with either a darker shade of the color you used to create the scene or contrasting color. Black, red, and white are popular colors to outline Christmas scenes with.

After the holiday is over you merely have to wet with water and wash the paint off with a sponge. The painted Christmas windows on stores don’t disappear when it rains so expecting to be able to sprinkle the window with the hose and be done isn’t realistic but the clean-up process isn’t difficult either. A squeegee and sponge like they use on windshields along with water is all you need to clean up your painted Christmas windows and get them back to normal again.


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painted Christmas windows

Painted Christmas Windows